Download Quadra Blocks
Mac OS 10.5 or later

Quadra Blocks

Version 1.0 (May 2011)

A classical game

Quadra Blocks is an arcade game with easy rules : different kinds of blocs fall from to top of the screen, and you have to place them in order to make rows. When you make a row, it disappears from you screen, and you earn points.

The falling speed increases progressively.

A true challenge

The main originality of Quadra Blocks is to propose 3 difficulties :

  • Nightmare : the game will always choose the worst block to prevent you from making rows. Your objective is to find a strategy to be better than the game, and to earn some points.
  • Hard : with this mode, the game also tries to prevent you to do rows, but only by decreasing the probability that you get an interesting block.
  • Classic : blocks are chosen randomly.